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Professional IT Services & Technology Consulting

Team Effort Group’s proprietary risk-free Audit & Assessment Service uncovers how much over-market your current costs are, as well as score-carding your vendor contracts customized to your business requirements.



Cybersecurity & Privacy

  • Hack & Threat Mitigation
  • Encryption software
  • Risk exposure discovery
  • Real time monitoring
  • AI assisted root cause analyses
  • VPN software
  • Cloud asset management

Consulting Services

  • Loss-control consulting
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk strategy
  • Threat mitigation
  • Threat identification
  • Business continuity planning
  • Disaster risk reduction services
  • Catastrophe modeling for risk management

Management Services

  • Process risk management
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Financial risk management
  • Operational risk management
  • Supply-chain risk management
  • Project risk management
  • IT risk management
  • Social network risk management
  • Environmental risk management
  • International safety management

Security Services

  • Full service Cyber security and Risk Management company
  • Implementation of the NIST Risk Management Framework
  • Translate security requirements and risk determinations to CEO & leadership
  • Advise on and manage all technical challenges
  • Document security controls and compliance
  • Manage and document risk tolerance and vulnerabilities
  • Lead and manage security and IT teams

We Know The Absolute Lowest Rates Possible For The Products & Services You Require.

A good sign of a well-honed IT Infrastructure is the price you pay for products and services. We have negotiated thousands of contracts for the services required to run your business.

Free assessment

Team Effort Group has hundreds of strategic relationships with IT vendors. We negotiate the best services at the most competitive prices.


Data center and cloud providers


security as a service providers


Network providers


UCaaS providers






collaboration and SaaS providers


Hospital Revenue Recovery


Hospital/Clinic Revenue Recovery

Team Effort Group invites you to use our proprietary AIDA engine to increase your margins through recaptured zero-and-underpayments.

Maximize your payor
reimbursements through
our proven AI software

  • Sequences every line item

  • Checks modifiers and groupers

  • Checks quantities

  • Documents unique payer claim processing patterns

  • Applies payers’ reimbursement modifications

  • No upfront or out-of-pocket costs

  • Team Effort Group gets paid when you do

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